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Ultramarine blue pigment

At the beginning, the natural ultramarine was made of a kind of Stone Blue Mine. It’s been about a century that the artificial synthesis ultramarine was made. The ultramarine has a special beautiful sapphire color which was honored as a noble and gentle color pigment.

The production process of TFCC ultramarine is essentially different from the traditional calcining method. Our calcining process is conducted in the absence of oxygen condition with a special treatment reductant. Moreover,we control the whole procedure with a strict conducting system which guarantee the stable quality of TFCC ultramarine.

Tfcc ultramarine——a typical model of this field.
○ TFCC Ultramarine has very good light-fastness,alkali-resistance,heat-resistance,weather-resistance. Widely applied in plastics,coating, synthetic resin, printing ink, latex, architecture, paper, detergent, paint, cosmetics. It is helpful to dispel the yellow light in the white color products by adding some ultramarine. The color of gray and black compounded with ultramarine would be softened and glossed.
○ TFCC Ultramarine is worthy to its quality comparing with the equal brands in the world. We keep very stable color consistence in all our ultramarine series. TFCC? ultramarine is also characterized by the pure and glossy color lustre and perfect dispersivity.
Physical properties:
Molecular formula Na6AI4Si6S4O20 Migration-resistance 5 grade
Free sulphur ≤ 0.05% Acid resistance 1 grade
Lead content < 90PPM Alkali tolerance 4-5 grade
Heat-resistance 300℃ Solvent-resistance 5 grade
Light-fastness 8 grade Water resistance 5 grade
Weather-resistance 8 grade Oil resistance 5 grade
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