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P.Y. 95
Ordinarily called:Yellow GR; Cromophtal Yellow GR; diazo condensation GR;Disazo Yellow GR
Chemical name:enzamide,3-3'-[2,5-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)bis[imino(1-acetyl-2-oxo-1,2-ethanediyl)azo]]bis[4-chloro-N-(5-chloro-2-methylphenyl)-
Procedure of Synthetic Method:
    Be 2mol of 4 - chlorine 3 - amino-acid for diazotization, the resulting diazonium salt with 1mol of the 2,5 - double-acetyl-acetyl-amino-1,4 - dimethyl-coupling reaction carried out in o-dichloro - benzene medium (containing a small amount of DMF) in the preparation of pairs of azo dyes; and further reaction of thionyl chloride to prepare a product containing carboxyl chloride, and 5 - chloro -2 - methyl – aniline I n o-dichlorobenzene (for a small amount of the presence of pyridine) to condensation reaction of the crude pigment for paint treatment,prepared by CI Pigment Yellow 95
technique data:
Hue yellow color with red gloss
Relative density 1.38~1.45
bulk density /(1b/gal)) 11.5~12.07
Melting point/℃ 360
Average particle diameter /nm 0.05~0.11
Particle shape acicular
specific surface area /(m2/g) 76
PH (10% dilution pigment) 7~8
oil absorption volume /(g/100g) 55
hiding power transparent

    TFCC P.Y. 95 has yellow color with red gloss, with perfect transparent quality, hue angle 88.7 degree(1/3S.D.,HDPE). It can replace the similar products which have famous brands in the world with its outstanding quality. It is widely applied in the coloration of ABS、HIPS、PP、PE、POM、TPR、TPE、PVC、PU process. Its heat-resistance quality can be as high as 290℃ in HDPE. That prevents the products from shrinking and warping; In PVC、TPR、PU and silicon gel production process, TFCC P.Y.95 has an excellent migration-fastness property. It is suitable for high quality printing ink because of its good dispersivity and good stability of flocculation.
P.Y. 191
Ordinarily called: PV Fast Yellow HGR
Chemical Name:4-chloro-2-[[4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1-(3-sulfophenyl)-1H-pyrazol-4-yl]azo]-5-methyl-Benzenesulfonic acid,calcium(1:1)
Procedure of Synthetic Method:
 Diazo component of the 2 - amino -4 - methyl-amino -5 acid (2B-acid), soluble in ammonia, by adding hydrochloric acid to conduct acid analysis, cooling to 0-5 ℃, by adding sodium nitrite (30%) for diazotization, excess nitrous acid with ammonia to remove; prepared diazonium salt suspension and the coupling fraction 1 - (3'-sulfophenyl) -3 - methyl-pyrazolone -- 5, for coupling reaction, and then with calcium chloride the role of calcium into a lake, heating, filtration, washing, drying
technique data:
Hue yellow color with red gloss

Light-fastness 6~7 grade

Relative density 1.49

Heat-resistance 230 ℃

fill volume /(L/kg) 4

Migration-resistance 5 grade

Melting point/℃ 380~420

Water-proof 5 grade

Average particle diameter/nm 150

Oil-resistance: 5 grade

Particle shape acicular

Acid-resistance: 5 grade

specific surface area /(m2/g) 36

Olefin-resistance 5 grade

PH (10% dilution pigment) 4.5~6.7

Solvent-resistance 5 grade

oil absorption volume /(g/100g) 52
hiding power transparent
TFCC P.Y. 191 has similar quality to C.I. P.Y.83. It has less color strength but has excellent heat-resistance. Its heat-resistance quality can be as high as 300℃ in HDPE. That prevents the HDPE products from shrinking and warping; Moreover, that provide a good light-fastness (7-8 grade) in HDPE. It has a good Migration-fastness in PVC. Its heat-resistance quality can be as high as 330℃ in Polycarbonate and organic solvent-resistance. It is also widely applied in the coloration of ABS、HIPS、PP、PE、POM、TPR、TPE、PVC、PU process.

Testing Data of PV Fast HGR applied in Polypropylene
Date color SF 600 Plusct/Colortools
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