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Contact: Peter Tsai
PH : 7-8 (50g/litre,at 20℃)
Acid&alkali-resistance: 5 grade
Melting point: > 1.000℃
Water-fastness: 5 grade
Density: 4-5g/cm3 (at 20℃)
Oil-resistance: 5 grade
Solubility of water:NA
Weather-fastness: 8 grade
Heat- resistance: 500℃
Migration-resistance: 5 grade
TFCC Titanium Yellow is characterized by its excellent weather-fastness. It is widely used in the industries of coil metal coating, car shell coating, spaceflight coating,the outdoor slogan or signpost coating, wall paint, concrete, latex,hordaphos resin.
TFCC Titanium Yellow pigment is innoxious and with excellent resistance to high temperature. Thus it is particularly suitable for the industris of coating for plastic toys, the coating for plastic food packages, the printing ink pinted in the food containers, the plastic products processed under high temerature and other heat-resistance coating.
Click here for CTI testing report: Titanium Yellow EN71.pdf????? Titanium Yellow.pdf

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