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Contact: Peter Tsai

Packaging method: plastic bag for inner package, kraftpaper bag for master package.

Testing result of mechanical and physical properties of kraftpaper package

Testing item Testing result
breaking length(m)   6000
basis weight (g/m2) Outer layer 80
basis weight (g/m2) Inner two layer 80

Drop test of package:
Free drop from a height of 1.20meter on 5 faces and the bag remains undamaged. The kraftpaper packaging is of high resistance to tearing strength and suitable to endure the airfreight transportation, ocean transportation and truck transportation.

Net Weight: 25kgs

Gross Weight: 25.5kgs

Packing size: approx. 64x58x15cm.

Volume in a pallet: 40bags, approx. 1 ton.

Volume in 20’ container: 20 pallets

Volume in 40’ container: 40 pallets
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